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New toy – Blade 350 QX

September 19, 2013
By admin in Uncategorized

This is a brand new compact size quadcopter. It is available as Ready to fly (RTF) or Bind and fly (BNF).
I choosed the BNF version that includes a pre-built quad, LI-PO battery, charger, Gopro camera mounts (that is the olny thing you need to assemble) and spare props.
There are three different flight modes:
Smart mode – Ensures that the quad don’t get too near the pilot, and also offers a Relativity functionality that follows the directional input from the pilot regardless of the orientation of the quad (similar to Intelligent orientation mode on the Dji Naza).
Stability mode – Uses the GPS and altimeter to maintain stability, including a hold function.
Agility mode – A freestyle mode for more experienced users that allows acrobatic flying.
My first impression is that it´s extremely stable and has the most advanced control unit i have tested. I was also impressed by the flight time. I flew for over 12 minutes with the 2200mAh Li-Po and there was plenty of juice left.
I can highly recommend this quad for both beginners and more experienced pilots.

P9190201 P9190203 P9190205