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By admin in Diving gear

If you don’t you should probably think twice before buying this dive computer with the following tagline:
“An experimental platform for all experienced divers who are interested in the theory of diving and who value maximum transparency and individual adaptabily .”
After reading this i was first a bit sceptical about if this was a fully developed product.

But this dive computer is really amazing. It’s robust, has a simple user interface with menues and functions that is easy to configure and adapt for you own needs. The OLED display is crystal clear with a battery capacity of approx 40 hours run time when fully charged using the USB connector.
The computer can handle up to 5 pre-configured Trimix gases. It’s also quite simple to simulate dives and test different scenarios.
The only drawback i see so far is that it’s a bit heavier and bulkier than my old fashion Suunto dive computer.
But the best thing is that even an old fart like me can read the digits without any problems 8)